The Cynic at Large

Meandering thoughts and spiritual nudges of a tamed cynic

Welcome to my blog. It expresses my thoughts, opinions and biases on issues, ideas, mindful theology, peace and justice that filter my mind and being. Nothing is off limits.

My hope is to engage you in conversation that doesn’t necessarily solve anything but clarifies our positions on given issues. We can agree to disagree and still respect one another’s point of view. I have no intention to make you believe as I do. My truth is formulated on my experience and reason and always subject to change. I welcome your comments. This is an “as the Spirit moves” blog confined only to my whim and need to say something.

What is Truth?

I’ve been thinking a lot about truth. At this point it seems to me that truth is subject to perspective, which in turn provides opinion, and often opinion is not necessarily the truth! In John’s [...]

By |October 8th, 2022|Politics, Theology|

A Tolerance for Ambiguity

Back in the early 70’s, I produced a worship songbook titled, “Gonna Shout For Joy.” It included several pages talking about the work and make up of worship, plus some original songs to be used [...]

By |July 31st, 2022|Theology|

The Unknown God

In the 17th chapter of Acts, the author, Luke, tells us about Paul’s experience in Athens, Greece. As he wandered around the city, he was stupefied to find so many idols to a variety of [...]

By |February 19th, 2022|Theology|
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