A Meetin’ Up With You

My new CD, A Meetin’ Up With You is a collection of original songs from my whimsical spirit and lovable heart. All songs have been studio produced and recorded with a variety of vocalists, including myself.

I have been writing songs since I was 13 years old, across a variety of genres including Gospel/Inspirational, Country and Children’s. These are some of my favorites.


1, A Meetin’ Up With You
2, Hallelujah
3. Jesus Walked
4. Lord, You Are the Song
5. Love is the Answer
6. Little Bit of Heaven
7. Come Holy Spirit, Come
8. It’s Amazing
9. We Are a Circle
10. We Are All One


11. I Believe
12. Gettin’ High on Love
13. I Am a Rich Man
14. What Color is Love
15. Barstool Mountain


16. Children Are the World’s Greatest Treasure
17. K.A.R.E
18. I Am What I AM
19. Don’t Be A Braggart
20. Happy Helper
21. Tiny Little Man

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